n English in Africa - André Brink, Mevrou Sadie and Me : reflections on and beyond : review article

Volume 41, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0376-8902



When my matric Afrikaans teacher drank himself to death in March 1962, he was replaced for the remainder of the year by Mevrou Sadie. Although she held a position of sorts in the Kimberley branch of the National Party - dour in its Calvinism - Mev. Sadie was a free spirit, or seen so by us at our all-boys high school. She would have agreed with André Brink's own reflections on what motivated his early novel, (1962) [Bride Price for Life]: an Afrikaans literature that, at the time, was "really in the doldrums. It was still carrying on with the old nineteenth-century naturalistic approach. It was all about droughts and locusts and poor whites" (Brink, qtd. in Wroe, 31).

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