n English in Africa - A great Olive Schreiner question - brilliantly answered
The World's Great Question: Olive Schreiner's South African Letters 1889-1920, Liz Stanley and Andrea Salter (Eds.) : review

Volume 42, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0376-8902



Thus Samuel Cron Cronwright-Schreiner in the "Preface" to his (1924). Even at the remove of more than 90 years, these read as extremely strong claims. Volumes could be written about what Cronwright might/might not have meant by the "correctness" of his biography of his famous wife as well as the deconstruction of such loaded terms as "unusual personality" and "so complex and baffling a human being." Ten years after the publication of the , Cronwright (1934) himself unintentionally provided a further intriguing sense of what that "correctness" might in fact have concealed in the last letter he wrote to Havelock Ellis (10 Sept 1934, HRHRC).

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