n Shakespeare in Southern Africa - : directed by Fred Abrahamse, Maynardville, Cape Town. 20 January-18 February 2007 : theatre review

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-582X



Every year, I try to be cynical about the phenomenon of open-air Shakespeare at Maynardville : the upper-middle-classness of it, the picnic-in-the-parkness of it. But every year it's hard to find fault with this exquisitely Capetonian rite. What, after all, can be bad about it, if it gets people watching high-quality Shakespearean productions? - gets them, moreover, to brave the occasional shower of rain; to support the Wynberg community by purchasing copious amounts of hot chocolate; to enter into the play-world, with its violent extremes of joy and grief; to follow, even to laugh at, the witty but convoluted repartee on stage (no less than the naughty jokes about coxcombs and daggers and other phallic objects).

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