n Shakespeare in Southern Africa - ' ... the worst of models - though the most extraordinary of writers' : Shakespeare, the Romantics and Byron

Volume 21, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-582X



No history of Shakespearean criticism would be complete without a substantial reference to the writings of the Romantic period. Hazlitt and Coleridge, De Quincey and Lamb made important additions to the body of Shakespearean criticism, and they changed its focus in significant ways. The interest in Shakespeare also went beyond the more familiar tragedies and comedies. So, for example, in Walter Scott's there are quotations from no fewer than twenty-eight Shakespeare plays, including Parts 2 and 3 of , and . Scott observed : "When I want to express a sentiment which I feel strongly, I find the phrase in Shakespeare," adding, "The blockheads talk of my being like Shakespeare - [I am] not fit to tie his brogues" (252).

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