n Shakespeare in Southern Africa - Will and
Shakespeare on Love: The Sonnets and Plays in Relation to Plato's , Alchemy, Christianity and Renaissance Neo-Platonism, Ronald Gray : essays and reviews




Best known as the author of Kafka's (1956) and a number of highly regarded works on Goethe and Brecht, Ronald Gray turns his attention to Shakespeare in a rich and succinct little book, developed from his earlier article "Will in the Universe: Shakespeare's Sonnets, Plato's , Alchemy and Renaissance neo-Platonism", which appeared in 59 (2006). Works produced by senior intellects - Gray retired from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1982 - can sometimes spin sugar floss at unnecessary length, or else fling themselves recklessly at momentous questions without tact or scholarly measure. (Helen Gardner's unfortunate , 1982, would be an apposite illustration of the latter tendency.) avoids both dangers, holding to its challenging thesis with admirable economy.


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