n Shakespeare in Southern Africa - Pig and ham : performer meets Shakespeare : essay

Volume 27, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1011-582X



Trying to relate the truth with facts is surprisingly unreliable. This is why the mere presence of facts can't move one towards vegetarianism and why big tobacco continues to thrive. I once met a pig as it ran along Baden Powell Drive. The pig, bristly black and urgently trotting along the verge, saw me urinating into the undergrowth. A big dog was loping along in the distance with its nose to the ground and pig on its mind. My car's engine clicked as it cooled. I urinated, the pig looked at me, and fifty odd meters away the dog lifted its head and looked at us. That the pig then took refuge between my legs until the dog turned and walked away to some other scrap in the world adjusted me more than a consideration of intelligence hierarchies in the animal kingdom ever could. No amount of exposition (read information for the purposes of my anecdote) can change behaviour unless it is discovered and communicated through human experience.

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