oa Arms Control : Africa - SARPCCO recommends firearm marking standard for Southern Africa

Volume 3 Number 2
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The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Protocol on the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and other Related Material (SADC Protocol) specifies, in Articles 5 and 9, that all firearms should be marked with a unique number to facilitate tracing: <ul><li>States parties undertake to incorporate, in their national laws, provisions that ensure the standardized marking and identification of firearms at the time of manufacture, import or export; </li><li>States parties undertake to establish agreed systems to ensure that all firearms are marked with a unique number, at the time of manufacture or import, on the barrel frame and, where applicable, the slide and undertake to keep proper records of the markings, and</li><li>The marking shall identify the country of manufacture, the serial number, and the manufacturer of the firearm. </li></ul>

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