n International SportMed Journal - The differential diagnosis and clinical approach to the athlete with chronic fatigue

Volume 1, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Chronic fatigue in the athletic population is a common but difficult diagnostic challenge for the sports physician. While a degree of fatigue may be normal for any athlete during periods of high volume training, the clinician must be able to differentiate between this physiological fatigue and more prolonged, severe fatigue, which may be due to a pathological medical condition. Once the clinician has excluded all medical conditions causing chronic fatigue in athletes, a significant proportion of fatigued athletes remain without a diagnosis. Novel data indicate that skeletal muscle disorders may play a role in the development of symptoms experienced by the athlete with chronic fatigue. The histological findings from muscle biopsies of athletes suffering from the "fatigued athlete myopathic syndrome" (FAMS) are presented. The mechanisms of the relationship between these histological muscle changes and the symptoms of fatigue in these athletes are also described.

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