n International SportMed Journal - Low back pain in cricket fast bowlers

Volume 1, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Low back pain is quickly reaching epidemic proportions in the cricket fast bowling population. Of particular concern is the young age of the fast bowlers affected. The most commonly reported low back injuries include spondylolysis, pedicle sclerosis, accelerated disc degeneration, spondylolithesis, and muscular soft tissue injury. The proposed mechanisms of injury include bowling technique, excessive bowling, bowling surfaces, athletic footwear, physical preparation, and the age of the athlete. The use of the mixed action technique and its association with an increased risk of lumbar spine injury has received much attention in the literature. However, very little is known of the implications of excessive bowling, playing surfaces, footwear and physical preparation. More research in these areas is warranted before the etiology of these serious lumbar pathologies can be fully understood.

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