n International SportMed Journal - Recent advances in specific training for cycling : review article

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



: Scientific studies of specific training interventions to evoke adaptive biomechanical, aerobic and oxygen-independent cellular responses for improving cycling performance in already well-trained cyclists are limited. Consequently, related research of metabolic markers and underlying mechanisms found to be potential determinants of best competitive cycling performance are reviewed. Applicable specific training strategies which may have an impact on performance are discussed.

: For this review, scientific texts, peer-reviewed journals, electronic (Web) publications and published abstracts of papers presented at conferences were identified through Highwire Press and PubMed.
: The selected papers examined were from peer review established sports science and physiology journals specifically related to exercise physiology.
: Achieving the best competitive cycling performance requires the understanding and implementation of sound research in support of successful training paradigms. Knowledge of the physiological mechanisms following a training regime will allow valid training practices to be implemented. The inclusion of a combination of strategies focusing on pedalling dynamics, post-exercise recovery, hypoxia training, and sprint interval training may prove responsible for observed increases in exercise performance at sea level and at altitude.

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