n International SportMed Journal - Effects on muscle performance of two jumping and two cycling bouts separated by 60 minutes : original research article




: Exercise-induced changes in muscle force depend on metabolic fatigue, muscle damage, and low-frequency fatigue. As far as is known, no study has investigated how these types of fatigue manifest during a repeated bout of exercise shortly after the first bout. : To examine changes in muscle performance after two bouts of maximal jumping or cycling exercise with a short interval between bouts. : Experimental laboratory study. : Men (n=10) performed two bouts of jumping (50 continuous jumps) or cycling (30s Wingate test) with a 60min rest between bouts and a one-month interval between jumping and cycling. The peak quadriceps muscle force evoked by electrical stimulation at 15Hz (P15) or 50Hz (P50) was measured before exercise and 2-, 30-, and 60min after exercise. Muscle soreness and creatine kinase activity were determined 48h after bout 2. : P15 and P50 decreased after the first bouts of jumping and cycling and did not recover to the pre-exercise level within 60min (<0.05). Consequently, the second bout was performed with a still-depressed stimulation force. However, P15, P50, and the P15/P50 ratio did not decline more strongly after bout 2 than after bout 1. : Two different types of exercise caused similar reductions in electrically evoked muscle performance within 60min of exercising. A second bout of jumping or cycling shortly (60min) after the first bout and before full muscle recovery did not exacerbate the impairment of muscle function.


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