n International SportMed Journal - The effects of a treadmill training programme on balance, speed and endurance walking, fatigue and quality of life in people with multiple scler1osis : original research

Volume 11, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system (CNS) that results in many symptoms, including balance deficits, mobility limitation, spasticity, fatigue and an impaired quality of life. A controlled study. A sample of 20 MS patients (mean of age of 36.75 years) with Expanded Disability Status Scale scores (EDSS) of 1.0 to 4.0, were randomly assigned to an exercise training group and control group, respectively. The intervention consisted of 8 weeks (24 sessions) of treadmill training (30 minutes), at 40 - 75% of age-predicted maximum heart rate for the training group. The control group followed their own routine treatment programme. Balance, speed and endurance of walking, quality of life and fatigue were measured by Berg Balance scores, time for 10m walking and distance in 2min walking, Fatigue Severity Scale (FFS), and Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54 questionnaire (MSQOL-54) were conducted. Comparison of results indicated that pre- and post intervention produced significant improvements on the balance score (p= 0.001), 10m times (p= 0.001), walking endurance (p= 0.007), and FFS (p= 0.04) and some of MSQOL-54 scale scores (physical function, pain, energy, health perception and physical health) in the training group. No changes were observed for the control group regarding the balance score, the 10m timed walk, fatigue, and none of MSQOL-54 scale scores, but there was a significant decrease in the 2min distance (p=0.015) in this group. These results suggest that treadmill training improved balance and walking capacity, fatigue and quality of life in people with mild to moderate MS.

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