n International SportMed Journal - A progressive paced run to exhaustion without prior warm up elicits VO within 4 minutes : original research article

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



: In heavy exercise, preceded by adequate warm-up, VO can be attained within one minute, but when warm up is restricted VO would not be elicited in that time span.

: How quickly VO can be achieved without prior warm up?
: Eight professional male soccer players performed two tests to exhaustion. The field test consisted of two laps on a wood-chip track. The first lap was performed at 50% of the self-estimated maximal performance capacity, the first 200m of the 2nd lap at 70%, followed by an all out sprint. The incremental treadmill test started at a speed of 9km/h, velocity was increased by 1km/h every 1 minute (inclination of 1%). VO, ventilation and heart rate were measured with a portable spirometric-telemetric device (Oxycon mobile, Germany).
: VO in the field test was achieved after 230±17s. When using 15s averages of breath-by-breath data collection in the field test VO values did not differ between the field and the lab test (61.0 ±2.5 vs. 61.1 ±2.2ml/min/kg, p=0.944). Values were highly correlated (r=0.857, p=0.007) with a standard error of estimation (SEE) of 0.9ml/min/kg.
: Without previous warm up and with a progressive pacing strategy, VO can be elicited in 230 ±17s. VO was reached only at the very end of the run so that only the last 15s of the breath-by-breath data collection reflected the complete VO response. Results suggest that 180s of an intensive run (i.e. near the ventilatory threshold) is sufficient to allow VO achievement with an all-out effort thereafter.

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