n International SportMed Journal - Modifications to body composition after running an alpine marathon : brief clinical report

Volume 12, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



: Studies of changes in body composition after ultra-endurance events have mostly been limited to assessing losses of body fat and body mass. : The aim of this study was to analyse changes in body composition and circumference measurements after running an alpine marathon (42 2m). Testing was carried out at the "Pueblo de los Artesanos" alpine marathon, Torrejoncillo, Spain. : Descriptive field study. : Twenty-four amateur athletes (M±SD) age 39±10 years, height 174±8 cm and weight 71.8±11.0kg, took part in the study. A pre-post performance intervention design was used. Body composition was measured using bioelectrical impedance (visceral fat area, intracellular and extracellular water, proteins, minerals, total body water, skeletal muscle mass, body cell mass and fat free mass) and anthropometric measurements were taken for circumferences (neck, chest, abdomen, hips, right arm, left arm, right thigh and left thigh) and body mass. : A significant increase was observed (p<0.05) in the variables of intracellular water (27.4 vs. 28.1l), proteins (11.9 vs. 12.2kg), total body water (43.6 vs. 45.1L), skeletal muscle mass (56.2 vs. 54.9g.), fat free mass (59.7 vs. 61.1kg.), body cell mass (39.3 vs. 40.2kg.) and neck circumference, and a decrease in the variables of body mass (71.8 vs. 68.2kg.), visceral fat area (83.6 vs. 70.7cm2), and the circumferences of the abdomen (0.836 vs. 0.805m.), hip (0.968 vs. 0.951m.), left thigh (0.534 vs. 0.516m.) and right thigh (0.535 vs. 0.518m.). : The results showed how the body composition of the runners was modified after they had participated in an alpine marathon.

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