n International SportMed Journal - Effect of concurrent training on serum leptin concentrations in overweight young adults

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Some factors can exert influence on leptin concentrations, such as physical exercise.

This study aimed to analyze the acute effects of concurrent training on leptin levels in overweight young adults.
This study used an experimental methodology which included 20 volunteers of both sexes, randomly divided into a concurrent training group (CTG n=10) and a control group (CG n=10). Blood collection was performed in individuals at rest after fasting for 12 hours, and leptin levels were analyzed by radioimmunoassay before and immediately after training. A Two-way ANOVA was used for statistical analysis with a significance level of p <0.05.
The CTG group showed no significant reduction (∆ = - 9.91%; p = 0.98) in leptin after training (14.53ng/mL ± 6.79 pre training and 13.09ng/mL ± 8.46 post-training). The CG group showed a decrease in leptin from 27.09ng/ml ± 10.70 to 21.49ng/mL ± 9.44, but this difference was not significant (∆% = -20,67; p = 0.51).
A single concurrent training session with the characteristics of modalities, exercise intensity and length of this study did not promoted significant changes on leptin levels in overweight young adults.

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