n International SportMed Journal - Oxidative stress response to isometric exercise in women : effect of age and exercise intensity : original research article

Volume 13, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



The effects of exercise intensity and age on oxidative stress induced by isometric exercise were investigated. Sixteen women (8 old: O, and 8 young: Y) performed two isometric protocols (30% and 50% maximal voluntary isometric contraction, MVIC). Blood lactate changed significantly from immediately after to 10-min post-exercise in group Y at both intensities. Values differed significantly between Y and O groups only at 1-min post-exercise at 30% and 50% MVIC. No significant changes occurred in thiobarbituric reactants or reduced ascorbic acid. The oxidised/reduced glutathione ratio increased significantly from 1-min to 10-min post-exercise in both groups at 50% MVIC, and at 30% MVIC in group Y. Values increased significantly from 3-min to 10-min post-exercise in group O at 30% MVIC. Exercise intensity and age had no significant effect on oxidative stress response after wrist-flexor isometric exercise, and the glutathione system could provide a sufficient defence against oxidative damage.

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