n International SportMed Journal - Lower limb joint sense, muscle strength and postural stability in adolescent Taekwondo practitioners : original research article

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Taekwondo (TKD) is a popular combat sport renowned for its kicking techniques. With repeated practice, it may enhance the sensorimotor performance and balance of its practitioners.

This study aimed (1) to compare the effects of short-term and long-term TKD training on the lower limb joint proprioception, muscle strength and balance performance of adolescents, and (2) to explore the relationships among these three outcome measures.
Observational study.
Thirty-one adolescents including long-term (n=11), short-term (n=10), and non-practitioners (n=10) of TKD participated in the study. The knee joint position sense, isokinetic strength of the quadriceps and hamstrings, and sway in prolonged single-leg standing were measured.
Long-term TKD practitioners made significantly smaller errors in the knee joint repositioning test than the control group (p<0.01). No significant difference was found in the body-weight-adjusted isokinetic peak torque of the quadriceps (p>0.01) or hamstrings (p>0.01) among the three groups. Both short- and long-term TKD practitioners swayed significantly slower than control participants while standing on one leg (p<0.01). The accuracy of knee joint angle repositioning was significantly correlated with sway velocity (r = 0.499, p<0.01).
More than one year of TKD training can improve single-leg standing balance. The better postural stability demonstrated by long-term TKD practitioners may be associated with better knee joint position sense rather than knee muscle strength. Physiotherapists may therefore suggest long-term TKD exercise for adolescents to improve balance.

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