n International SportMed Journal - Mouth rinse with carbohydrate drink and performance : hypothesis of its central action : review article

Volume 15, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



In this review the current knowledge associated with the notion that gustatory inputs produced by intra-oral carbohydrates may constitute a novel ergogenic strategy for performance improvement is described.

MEDLINE, SciELO, and Lilacs databases were used, and the search terms were: carbohydrate mouthwash, carbohydrate mouth rinse, performance.
The selection criteria established that only articles describing randomised, double-blind trials in humans would be included. All articles meeting these criteria that had been published on or before July 2011 were considered. In addition, other studies that supported the formulation of the authors' hypothesis were used.
Overall, the current literature suggests that washing the mouth with carbohydrate solutions may result in improved performance during high-intensity exercise (> 70% VO), an effect that seems to last for about 1 hour. These authors propose that one possible mechanism through which oral stimulation with carbohydrates enhances performances involves the stimulation of cortical motor structures by excitatory inputs arising from the gustatory centres of the brain. They also suggest that this concept may be extended to other sports as an effective strategy for performance improvement.

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