n International SportMed Journal - Effect of exercise intensity on body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factors in sedentary young obese women : original research

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



The optimal exercise prescription to maximize fat abdominal loss and prevent insulin-resistant and metabolic disorders remains elusive. To examine the effect of exercise intensity on cardiovascular disease risk factors in correlation with cardiorespiratory improvements in young obese women. Longitudinal study. 43 young obese women were randomly assigned to one of four groups: a moderate-intensity-training group (G1, exercising at 50% of the heart rate reserve (HRR)), a high-intensity-training group (G2, exercising at 75% of HRR), an alternate-intensity-training group (G3, exercising at 50-75% of HRR), and a control-group (G0). Waist circumference (WC), lipoproteins, fasting glucose, insulin, resting HR (RHR) and the 6-min-walk distance (6MWD) performance were recorded before and after 12 weeks of a walking-training program. Body mass, BMI, total fat, and WC decreased significantly from T0 to T1 (p<0.001) in the three training groups with higher decrease in G2 than in G1 and G3. For lipids, although total cholesterol diminished in G3 (p<0.001), there was no significant difference between the three training intensities. The insulin and Homa-IR decreased in the three training groups (p<0.001). The loss of BMI, weight, body fat mass, and WC was greater after high-intensity training. However, alternate-intensity training induced a reduction in total cholesterol and an improvement in insulin sensitivity. Therefore, the alternate-intensity training would provide the greatest training benefit in managing coronary heart disease risk factors.

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