n International SportMed Journal - The influence of intervention methodology on the physical condition of sedentary older adults : original research

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



The continuous growth of the elderly population is forcing developed nations to invest effort in the search for interventions and physical exercise programmes, with the aim of increasing the well-being and quality of life of this adult population. The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of physical exercise in the elderly using different intervention methodologies (recommendation, home prescription, and monitoring). Experimental study. One hundred subjects who were 55-70 years of age were recruited and randomized into four groups of 25: CON=control, REC=recommendation, PRE=prescription, and MON=monitoring. The participants followed a structured physical exercise programme for 12 weeks. Each participant's physical condition was evaluated before and after the intervention using a battery of tests that included the scoring of strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic resistance. The MON group showed significant improvements in all variables (p<0.001). However, the PRE group did not exhibit increased performance in resistance or balance. The MON and PRE groups were significantly different in all variables studied (p<0.01) except for equilibrium with eyes open. Nonetheless, significant improvements in the strength variables were observed in the PRE group compared to the CON and REC groups (p<0.01 and p<0.05). The improvements in resistance, flexibility, and balance were not significant. A WREP programme is useful for improving physical conditions in both a prescribed home form and a monitored form. However, a simple recommendation does not seem to be sufficient. Nevertheless, the exercise with instructor has greater impact on the physical health of the elderly.

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