n International SportMed Journal - The mechanism of concussion injury in rugby league : original research

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Accurate identification of concussion in rugby league is important, however, research suggests many injuries go unrecognized at the time of injury. One of the factors that might impact on accurate identification of injured players could be the expectation that players are more likely injured on the receiving end of aggressive plays such as shoulder charges or high tackles. This study sought to establish the most common mechanisms of concussion injury during a professional rugby league season. The present study used a surveillance method of broadcast rugby league to identify concussions via visible symptoms. Significantly more concussions were experienced by players in defence (71.1%) compared to players on offense (28.9%), X2 (1,44) = 16.04, < .01. In particular, more players experienced a concussion making a tackle (64.4%) as opposed to being tackled (23.9%), X2 (1,40) = 12.19, < .01. The present finding was in contrast to our findings from the previous season regarding the mechanism of injury and demonstrates that the mechanism is variable. It is important, therefore, that rugby league remains focused on the identification and management of injuries as well as changes to play directed toward prevention.

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