n International SportMed Journal - Case report of a world class Ironman triathlete : EIAH at the ventilatory threshold : case report

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



To study the exercise-induced arterial hypoxaemia (EIAH) kinetics in a world class Ironman triathlete at ventilatory threshold (TH), the authors simulated the cycle-run succession (CR, 20 min + 20 min) and a 20-min isolated run (R). Although 'moderate EIAH' was noted during CR, the SpO kinetics of the isolated R reflected 'severe EIAH' from minutes 7 to 15 with a nadir of 85 % SpO that stabilised at 90 % SpO from minute 15 on. The physiological processes involved in these responses are discussed. These data indicate a systematic 'moderate EIAH' in a world class Ironman champion during CR and R at TH and a temporary 'severe EIAH' during R, which was attenuated when running was successive to cycling. The physiological significance of this phenomenon remains unclear, however, and further experiments are needed.

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