n International SportMed Journal - Sports nutrition for athletes with disabilities

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Despite the wealth of scientific research and information now known regarding dietary requirements of athletes, very little attention has been devoted to athletes with disabilities. Sports nutritionists working with these athletes are required to interpret their knowledge regarding the nutritional requirements for each athlete's sport in the context of the physiological and/or functional limitations imposed by the athlete's disabilities. For some athletes such as amputees, this might be a relatively simple task because, physiologically, they differ little from able-bodied athletes. When the disability is more than functional, however, such as in the case of spinal-cord injuries, the presentation of nutrition strategies requires an in-depth understanding of the individual athlete and an adjustment of standard practices to meet his or her specific needs. In addition, other medical issues, medications, and practical limitations can influence the athlete's ability to undertake a dietary change. Thorough, individualized assessment of athletes with disabilities is crucial to the successful application of sports-nutrition strategies.

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