n International SportMed Journal - Epidemiology of cricket injuries




Studies of cricket injuries show an increasing incidence, varying from 2.6 to 333/10 000 athlete-hours played, with 28.4% to 71.6% of cricketers sustaining between 1.61 and 1.91 injuries per season. The frequency of injury to the head, neck, and face varied from 5.4% to 25%, and the upper limbs accounted for 19.8% to 34.1% of injuries. Back and trunk injuries accounted for 18.0% to 33.3% of the injuries, and lower-limb injuries accounted for 22.8% to 50.0%. Most injuries (33.0% to 65.7%) occurred during bowling. Most were acute, with acute on chronic and chronic accounting for similar percentages of the injuries. Most were first-time injuries; recurrent injuries from the previous season accounted for 23.9% to 29.8%, and injuries sustained during the season recurring again during the same season, 22.7% to 36.8%. Younger players sustained the most, and most severe, injuries, keeping them out of the game for up to 21 days.


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