n International SportMed Journal - Maxillofacial injuries in sportive urban microscooter riders : an underestimated problem? : short article

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



The objective of this study was to establish preventive measures for injuries associated with adult microscooter riders. A prospective data analysis of 58 microscooter injuries was performed, using a relational database. Of the 58 patients examined, 40 suffered head injuries : 24 had deep facial lacerations, 4 had nasal bone fractures, 2 had fractured mandibles, and 10 had cerebral concussions. Six patients showed clinical signs of a cervical whiplash injury. The patients with facial lacerations needed suturing, while those with fractured mandibles underwent internal fixation. None of the injured patients were wearing helmets at the time of their accident. The microscooters had all been used for transportation purposes in the streets, rather than for sport or recreation. According to the patients the main cause of their accident was the loss of control of the microscooter while trying to slow down or to stop. All patients with face and head trauma reported falling over the steering fork. The authors conclude that after 36 months of observation, riding a microscooter seems to be as dangerous as any other roller sport. The need for protective gear, such as helmets, is discussed, especially if the microscooters are used on the streets. Injury surveillance is important in order to review the injury risks associated with the use of microscooters.

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