n International SportMed Journal - The effect of ankle bracing and taping on functional performance : a review of the literature : review article

Volume 4, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



The paper critically reviews the literature concerning the effect of ankle bracing and taping on vertical jump, agility, running speed, and broad jump performance. MEDLINE, CINAHL and SPORTDiscus were searched for papers published between 1988 and June 2003. The following keywords were used: performance, running, jump, agility, speed, brace, orthotic devices, tape, taping, ankle. References of retrieved articles were screened for additional relevant studies. Studies were eligible if they reported on the effect of an ankle support on vertical jump, running, agility or broad jump. Only studies that were written as full reports and had been published in the English language were included. Data on the effect of the ankle support on vertical jump, running speed, agility and/or broad jump performance were abstracted from the text and tables. Eighteen studies met the inclusion criteria. Of twelve studies looking at vertical jump, four found a negative effect on the vertical jump using different types of ankle braces or adhesive tape. One study found a negative effect on running speed; three studies found a negative effect on time to complete an agility course. In one study, broad jump performance was shown to be adversely affected while wearing a brace. In two studies subjects with ankle injuries completed the agility course faster when wearing an ankle brace. The majority of studies indicated that ankle bracing or taping has no effect or only a minor effect on vertical jump height, running speed, agility and broad jump in athletes with stable ankles. Further study is necessary to examine the effect of prolonged ankle brace use on athletic performance. In addition, more research is necessary to investigate the effect of an ankle support in subjects with an ankle injury.

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