n International SportMed Journal - Remodelling of skeletal muscle following exercise-induced muscle damage : review article

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



This review presents an overview of the biological processes involved in repair and remodelling of skeletal muscle after exercise-induced damage. The concept that repeated bouts of exercise-induced muscle damage, over a number of years, places excessive regenerative demands on the skeletal muscle is also introduced and discussed.

A thorough search of MEDLINE was conducted using the following search terms : exercise-induced muscle damage; skeletal muscle regeneration; skeletal muscle remodelling; satellite cells; satellite cell activation AND exercise-induced muscle damage; skeletal muscle adaptation AND exercise-induced muscle damage.
All the information in this review is taken from original research as well as review articles dealing with this topic.
Although skeletal muscle has a remarkable capacity to repair and adapt to exercise-induced muscle damage, there is a limit to this capacity for remodelling. The precise impact of repeated bouts of muscle damage and repair, over a number of years, on the remodelling capacity of skeletal muscle is not known. However, there is evidence to suggest that athletes who expose their muscles to rigorous training and racing regimes may exceed the muscles finite capacity for repair and adaptation.

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