n International SportMed Journal - The effects of forearm brace tension on neuromuscular performance in subjects with lateral humeral epicondylosis : a review : review article

Volume 6, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Lateral humeral epicondylosis (tennis elbow) is a common clinical condition affecting the middle-aged group in particular. Its usual clinical managements include therapeutic exercises, electro-physical treatments and forearm counterforce bracing. This paper reviews the effects of forearm bracing in terms of the neuromuscular performances. There is evidence that forearm counterforce bracing can increase the stretching pain threshold of the forearm extensor muscles in both the uninjured and people with lateral epicondylosis, but it does not seem to have significant effects on the strength, proprioception and stretch reflex latency of the forearm muscles. The effect on the pain threshold may depend on the tension in the brace - up to 50N of brace tension was found to be better than lower tension levels in uninjured subjects and those with symptoms of lateral epicondylosis.

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