n International SportMed Journal - Genetic variation and the skeletal response to exercise: a systematic review : review article

Volume 7, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



<I>Background:</I> The anabolic response of bone to exercise may be strongly influenced by genetic variants; however, to date relatively few studies have identified the genes mediating this response. <br><I>Objective:</I> To determine if common genetic variation modifies the response of bone to exercise and the risk of suffering stress fracture. <br><I>Methods:</I> A PubMed search was undertaken using the terms "exercise", "physical activity", "training", "bone", "remodelling", "turnover", "stress fracture", "gene", "polymorphism", "allele", "genotype". The references of original papers thus identified were scrutinised to identify further suitable studies. <br><I>Results:</I> The literature search revealed 12 suitable studies and analysis of their references a further 2. Only 2 papers were found that attempted to identify a genetic risk factor for stress fractures. This review will detail current knowledge in this neglected area of bone research, seeking to unravel some of the contradictory findings published so far, whilst exploring possible directions for future avenues of research.

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