n International SportMed Journal - The epidemiology of injuries in a professional soccer team in Argentina : research article

Volume 7, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



&lt;I&gt;Background:&lt;/I&gt; Soccer is known to be associated with a relatively high injury rate but to our knowledge there is no epidemiologic data in South American soccer. &lt;br&gt;&lt;I&gt;Objective:&lt;/I&gt; Analysis of injury incidence in the professional soccer team of the Club Atlético Boca Juniors over two competitive seasons. <br><I>Type of study:&lt;/I&gt; Prospective study. &lt;br&gt;&lt;I&gt;Methods:&lt;/I&gt; An injury report system was kept by the club's medical staff for all training sessions and matches. &lt;br&gt;&lt;I&gt;Results:&lt;/I&gt; A total of 391 injuries per year were documented, with an average of 9.53 injuries per player per season. The mean (SD) number of days absent per injury producing some kind of training or match participation limitation was 9 (SD 15). Each week 10% of the team (4 players) was not able to train or play due to injury. The majority of injuries (87%) were slight or minor. A total of 1442 days and 354 matches were missed. Competition injuries represented 31% of those reported. &lt;br&gt;&lt;I&gt;Conclusions:&lt;/I&gt; Professional soccer players are exposed to a high risk of injury; with 10% of our professional players unable to play each week due to injury. The majority of injuries were sustained during training rather than competitive matches; these results are in contrast to findings within European soccer. Injuries produce considerable economic and performance losses for a soccer team and probably long lasting consequences for the health and sport career of a soccer player.

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