n International SportMed Journal - Using ratings of perceived exertion to regulate exercise intensity following different perceptual anchoring : original research article

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1528-3356



Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) have been used to regulate exercise intensity in previous investigations. Comparisons of relative, self-selected exercise intensities have not been done when different types of anchoring have been employed. This investigation compared percent VO max at an RPE of 13 on the Borg 15-category scale during perceptually regulated treadmill exercise following memory (M) or combined exercise and memory (EM) anchoring. Thirty-two participants volunteered. Eight males and eight females were assigned to each group. The M received a verbal description of the low (i.e. 7) and high (i.e. 19) perceptual anchors immediately prior to the experimental trial. For EM, the anchors were established during a maximal, graded treadmill exercise test. The low perceptual anchor was established during light walking and the high perceptual anchor was established following volitional termination. The EM group was read the anchoring instructions again prior to the experimental trial. VO max was determined during the orientation trial for EM, and in a separate session following the experimental trial for M. Expired gases were analyzed following three minutes of exercise at an RPE of 13. Percent VO max for the M and EM was compared using an independent t-test. VO max did not differ between M (49.29 11.09 ml·kg-1·min- 1) and EM (51.07 11.79 ml·kg-1·min-1). Percent VO max at an RPE of 13 also did not differ between M (83.18 6.86 %) and EM (85.02 4.47 %). The current results indicate that regulating exercise intensity using RPE is not affected when different anchoring procedures are employed.

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