n International SportMed Journal - Synovial osteochondromatosis of the elbow in a basketball player : a case study and brief review : case report




Synovial osteochondromatosis, also known as osteochondromatosis or synovial chondromatosis is an uncommon condition characterised by the gradual ossification of intra-articular cartilaginous structures affecting typically the large joints in young to middle-aged adults, mainly in men. In this case report, a 25-year-old basketball player presented with a 3-year history of gradual decrease in the range of movement of his right elbow and a mild palpable synovial thickening which was not accompanied by any localised inflammatory signs or pain. His main symptoms were monoarticular. X rays of the elbow showed numerous juxta-articular calcified / ossified bodies that had multiplied when compared to an X-ray taken two years previously. After an operation, this patient returned to basketball, although his performance did not return to its former level.


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