n Institute for Security Studies Monographs - 'Volk' faith and fatherland. The security threat posed by the White Right

Volume 2003, Issue 81
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Extracted from text ... This study and its publication is funded by the European Union, Ford Foundation, USAID and the United States Embassy in South Africa. Their generous assistance is gratefully acknowledged. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS FIGURE 1 20 Number of votes received by the white right, 1970-1999 FIGURE 2 21 Proportion of vote going to white right in 1989 election, by province FIGURE 3 22 Proportion of 'no vote' in 1992 referendum, selected regions FIGURE 4 33 Votes for white right as a proportion of all votes cast, 1981-1999 FIGURE 5 76 Possible Boeremag command structure FIGURE 6 84 Farm attacks, injuries and murders, 1998-2001 ..

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