n Institute for Security Studies Monographs - Penetrating state and business. Organised crime in Southern Africa, volume two

Volume 2003, Issue 89
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Extracted from text ... iv Penetrating state and business: Organised crime in Southern Africa LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES PREFACE Figure 1: the member states of SADC vi CHAPTER 1 Figure 1: Syndicate 1 structure and composition 7 Figure 1: Syndicate 2 structure and composition 8 CHAPTER 2 Table 1: Number of stolen vehicles per year, 1998-1999 59 Table 2: Distribution of motor vehicle theft across the country 59 Table 3: Botswana police report drug analysis 62 CHAPTER 3 Table 1: Vehicle hijackings, 1996-1999 103 Executive summary v ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS CHAPTER 1: ZIMBABWE AG Auditor General CSC Cold Storage Commission DRC Democratic Republic of the Congo MDM Movement for Democratic Change MMCZ Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe NOCZIM National Oil Company of Zimbabwe NSSA ..

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