n Institute for Security Studies Monographs - A generation at risk? HIV / AIDS, vulnerable children and security in Southern Africa

Volume 2004, Issue 109
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Extracted from text ... LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES TABLE 1 Percentage orphans by age 16 TABLE 2 The most frequently reported protective processes 52 TABLE 3 Percentage of children (5-14) fostered in the developing world 68 (Demographic Health Survey (DHS), 1990-96) TABLE 4 Changes leading to weakening of kinship systems in recent years 69 TABLE 5 Estimates of vulnerable children in selected countries 71 TABLE 6 Problems facing street children in Zimbabwe 74 TABLE 7 Community-based support activities provided by 505 78 faith-based organisations (FBOs) TABLE 8 Percentage of poor children aged seven and eight receiving the 81 Child Support Grant per ..

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