n Institute for Security Studies Monographs - Militianisation of resource conflicts : the case of land-based conflict in the Mount Elgon region of Western Kenya

Volume 2008, Issue 152
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In the early 1970s, the government of Kenya set out to implement a land resettlement programme for squatters in the Chepyuk area of Mount Elgon District, intended primarily for the Mosop (Ndorobo) and Soy clans of the district's 'autochthonous' and dominant Sabaot community. From its inception, the programme was derailed by claims and counterclaims of state favouritism and corruption by both clans, leading to a cycle of allocations, annulments and evictions. This has engendered discontentment and exacerbated intra-community tensions and conflicts, which took a more violent turn in 2006 after the finalisation of the land allocation process, during the third phase of the resettlement programme.

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