n Institute for Security Studies Monographs - Political economy of regionalisation in Central Africa

Volume 2008, Issue 155
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This monograph aims to contribute to the broader debate on integration. In an attempt to enhance the AU conflict prevention strategies, it set out to interrogate regional integration in Central Africa as a policy response to human security problems in the region. Anchored in analytic narrative, the monograph argued that integration in the region is a two-level game that is invariably influenced by perceived potential costs and benefits. Accordingly, domestic political security needs to be understood, as such an understanding is required for comprehension of the dismal state of integration at the next, the regional, level. The paper has showed that the poor human security is a function of a skewed political process that prioritises the state, and regime and state security over human security. In ensuring their relevance, influence and political survival, politicians in the region discount the future as they placate a few powerful political constituencies. Within this context corruption, patrimonialism and prebendalism within the framework of presidential systems, have been characteristic of politics in the region. This is epitomised by the fact that despite its enormous wealth, the region is faring badly on all counts of human security.

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