n Institute for Security Studies Monographs - Protector or predator? Tackling police corruption in South Africa

Volume 2011, Issue 182
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Despite the positive changes that have occurred within the South African Police Service (SAPS) since the birth of democracy in 1994, police corruption remains a substantial challenge for the organisation. While the extent of police corruption cannot be easily or accurately measured, there is evidence that the problem is a widespread and systemic one. This is not to say that most or a majority of police officials engage in corruption. However, the prevalence of the problem is such that it substantially hinders the extent to which to the SAPS is able to achieve its constitutional objectives and build public trust. This is not a unique challenge facing the SAPS. Corruption is a challenge throughout the country's public and private sectors and is a specific occupational hazard of policing agencies worldwide. Given the nexus of power, discretion and inadequate accountability that often arises in policing, this profession is particularly prone to the problem of corruption.

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