n Institute for Security Studies Papers - Security sector reform in Lesotho : observations from a three-day dialogue series

Volume 2000, Issue 45
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



The aim of this paper is to highlight the main challenges facing security sector reform in Lesotho, drawing on the key themes that emerged from a three-day dialogue series held in Lesotho in April 2000. The primary aim of the dialogue series is to encourage healthy civil-military relations in a country where these relations have been subjected to considerable stress.

With this aim in mind, the Lesotho Ministry of Defence, the Lesotho Institute for Public Administration and the African Civil-Military Relations project based at the Institute for Security Studies initiated a dialogue series. The initial meeting, which took place on 12 to 14 April in Maseru, was a broad consultative meeting that involved members of the Lesotho Defence Force, the National Security Service, academics, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), churches, the Lesotho Mounted Police Service, Ministry of Defence officials, political party representatives, members of parliament, senators, district secretaries from local government authorities and other government officials.

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