n Institute for Security Studies Papers - Peace, security and democracy in Africa? A summary of outcomes from the 2002 OAU/AU summits in Durban

Volume 2002, Issue 60
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



This paper summarises the most important developments and outcomes following the recent meetings of the Organization of African Unity and the African Union in Durban. The focus is on the transition to the new institutions of the African Union, particularly as they relate to peace, security and democracy. The intention is to provide a ready reference for scholars, practitioners and policymakers who need a timely update on the evolution of the increasingly complex continental mechanisms for the pursuit of peace and security in Africa. Apart from an introduction and conclusion, the paper is divided into the following sections :

The launch of the key structures of the African Union (the Assembly, Executive Council, Permanent Representatives Committee and the Commission);
The Protocol on the Peace and Security Council;
The Declaration on election observation and monitoring;
The Declaration on the Conference on Security, Stability, Development and Cooperation; and
The New Partnership for Africa's Development.

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