n Institute for Security Studies Papers - Mainstreaming drug control into socio-economic development in Africa

Volume 2005, Issue 100
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



While the increase in trafficking, illicit manufacture and abuse of drugs is a growing global concern, it has even more severe implications for African countries. The continent is facing daunting developmental challenges. These include a range of health challenges such as the HIV / AIDS pandemic, the provision of social services such as education, clean water and sanitation, food security, and a range of other human security challenge. The problem of illicit drugs in one way or another impedes existing continental efforts aimed at dealing with these challenges. It is increasingly becoming clear that the challenge of drugs can no longer be viewed as a side issue, but an issue that needs to be placed at the core of the continent's developmental strategies. The question, therefore, is: how can Africa mainstream drug control into its socio-development programmes? This paper is a modest attempt to respond to this vexing question. It looks at the impact of illicit drugs on critical areas of development such as health, education, agriculture and the youth. Finally, the paper puts on the table some recommendations on how to mitigate the severity of the drug problem in Africa.

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