n Institute for Security Studies Papers - In quest of a sustainable justice. Transitional justice and human security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Volume 2006, Issue 130
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



Emerging from a history marked by coercive rule, failed transition and systemic violations of human rights, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is currently enjoying an interval of peace. It is an interval in which public demand for justice - for some sort of reckoning with past abuses - threatens to overwhelm fragile prospects for sustainable transition. Yet a variety of dilemmas and obstacles have become evident. The judiciary itself has been party to the conflict, its independence usurped, its infrastructure decimated, and its capacity rendered hopelessly inadequate. Questions abound outside the courts. 'In quest of a sustainable justice' inquires into the dilemmas, challenges and strategic options that define contemporary efforts to establish justice amidst the opportunities opening up in the transition of the DRC.

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