n Institute for Security Studies Papers - Copper mining in Zambia : the developmental legacy of privatisation

Volume 2008, Issue 165
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



The last four years have seen a surge in mining activities throughout sub-Saharan Africa, partly in response to policies of economic liberalisation, privatisation and favourable conditions for foreign investment. The renewed interest in mining activities comes as a result of a boom in commodity prices occasioned by increased demand from China and India. Thus, foreign investors have arrived on the scene to either buy former state mining companies, now privatised, or to start new mining companies, often protected by favourable mining policies and legislation (Campbell 2004). However, the impact of these largescale mining activities on local communities has largely been negative. They have contributed to social conflict, to the destruction of livelihoods, to the dislocations and displacements of local communities and to environmental damage (Dansereau 2007).

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