n Institute for Security Studies Papers - The International Criminal Court and its work in Africa : confronting the myths

Volume 2008, Issue 173
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



A number of critics have proclaimed the world's first permanent International Criminal Court (ICC) to be a Western imperialistic initiative that is unhealthily preoccupied with the African continent. This paper confronts certain myths that have recently been propagated by several individuals, including government officials, political leaders and civil society members (including the media), about the ICC. The author argues that this is a time for African voices, regional organisations and civil society to speak out against inaccuracies and distortions regarding the ICC's work in Africa. While that discussion must include criticism of the Court's work where criticism is due, it is imperative that the discussion should proceed from an understanding that the Court's position in Africa is one that needs strengthening and nurturing. The paper is intended as an introductory discussion that might further stimulate debate about Africa's response to the Court.

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