n Institute for Security Studies Papers - Exploring alternative approaches for managing electoral injustice in Africa : the case of breast protests in Nigeria and the sex strike in Kenya

Volume 2010, Issue 214
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



Conflict management in Africa has some discernible weaknesses. Firstly, concentration on formal peace processes which undermine informal avenues constitutes a major challenge. Secondly, peace processes are gendered, as women are excluded from formal processes, which are perceived as asexual. Thirdly, electoral violence is endemic to transitional democracy in Africa. Many countries in the region are yet to embrace the culture of electoral integrity and transparent elections for effecting leadership change. This study examines and compares the role of traditional and enlightened women's movements in managing the protracted electoral crises in Nigeria and Kenya. Relying on randomly surveyed primary data, group discussions and critical content analysis, the study specifically interrogates and evaluates the potency, customary and orthodox implications, and the possibility of the regional applicability of traditionalism involving the display of half-naked bodies and bare breasts by elderly women and sex strikes in managing political conflicts and negotiating electoral justice in the two emerging democracies.

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