n Institute for Security Studies Papers - From AMIB to AMISOM - the need for institutional and mandate clarity in APSA

Volume 2012, Issue 239
  • ISSN : 1026-0404



APSA is a holistic framework that has permanent bodies set up to deal with every area of its peace and security activities. This paper analyses some of the practices in AU-led peace missions in light of the AU normative framework in a way that informs the challenges of APSA's institutional future. While APSA is both a highly complex and an evolving legal and institutional framework, there are some critical constraints that APSA faces as it continues to provide a framework for engaging in the continent's conflicts. By providing an in-depth examination of some AU peace operations (from AMIB in Burundi to AMISOM in Somalia), the paper is aimed at stimulating debate on the importance, for APSA, of achieving mandate and institutional clarity.

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