oa Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa - Role of the hollow cathode cavity on the stability of multigap pseudospark discharge

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1019-7788



With and without hollow cathode cavity behind the cathode aperture, the self breakdown discharge features of the multigap pseudospark (MGPS) are investigated. With a hollow cathode cavity system, a very small and stable erosion pattern by electron-beam generated from MGPS is formed on the opposite surface inside the anode cavity and stable concentric ring-shaped erosion patterns are observed at the central areas around the apertures on the electrodes. Without the hollow cathode cavity, the patterns become irregular and unstable. These results reveal that the hollow cathode cavity plays an essential role in the stability of pseudospark discharges in multigap pseudosparks and to the generation of a well pinched electron-beam. This work was done in October 1997 at Tshingua University in Beijing, China.

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