n Without Prejudice - The view from down under : the great solvent : lifestyle

Volume 11, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Opinion polls suggest that electoral support for the ruling Australian Labor Party has plunged to all-time record lows. Government is apparently harder than it looks. Prime Minister Gillard must now regret the Faustian bargain she struck with the Greens and Independents that allowed her a fingernail grip on power in the aftermath of the 2010 Federal election. The fragility of Labor's electoral prospects was emphasised on March 26 when the Coalition [an electoral agreement between the centre-right Liberal and National Parties] swept to power in New South Wales. In this election, for Australia's largest state, Labor lost a comfortable majority and is now reduced to a 20-seat cameo presence in the 93-seat Legislative Assembly.

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