n Without Prejudice - Tales from the US of A ... : international

Volume 11, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Law firm managers steals $884K and gets eight years

Law firm loses $78K in massive malware scheme
Corporate client collapse blamed on law firm
Lawyer suspended for offering to write student papers
BP sues three contractors for Gulf oil spill
Lawyer on reality show
Prosecutor resigns after unusual advice to governor
Law firm accused of revealing reality show winners
Authorities shut down online poker sites
Judge not removed for "screw you" remark
Man seeks copyright compensation for stadium doodads
bigLaw lost nearly 10K lawyers in last three year
Fantastical 9/11 lawsuit could lead to sanctions for lawyer
Perpetuities rule
Mom loses custody because of advanced breast cancer
25% of lawyer moms leave the workplace

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