n Without Prejudice - If there's no one to complain, there's no one to blame : Upton Osgood's bar talk

Volume 11, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Your correspondent has been away too long. Only the seductive promise of an election woke him from his torpor. At least the torpor was relieved by dreams, some of which were about his childhood. Dreams of day-dreaming in Standard 4 while Timmy de Bruyn butchered Swart Pelgrem at a snail's pace. How to be rich. What else is there to dream about? The young criminal's evil master plan was to take one rand out of every person's bank account in the whole country. He would be a millionaire. Surely no one would notice, and even if they did, who would bother to complain. It was foolproof. Only, as an aspiring writer, the author had no idea how to take the money. But now he knows.

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